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A 6-foot-6 guard, Carroll was a pleasant surprise, particularly in his ability to draw shooting fouls.Kevin Porter Jr.In that shot, one could see much of what was unmissable about Sampson: namely, that he was an unbelievably tall man with shocking agility, aerial capacity, and overall athleticism.But if that decision comes to play where I decide […]

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OKC looked better than they did through most of the regular season, providing ammo for the sleeping giant interpretations of a team that has often seemed to be sleepwalking.We look forward to his continued development.With the victory, road teams are now 4 in this series.He’s embarrassed, and I put the onus on him.But for me, […]

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The Kaminskys of the world serve a different purpose, if it can be called that.I feel like I can earn a spot in the NBA.I was expecting to do better things and I haven’t been able to show that yet.When you run the floor and you know somebody is inclined to be a passer, you […]

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The new members won’t be announced until Monday, but nominees who are elected are typically informed by Hall of Fame officials the Friday before the announcement takes place.I knew it was going to be different this year, that I would play less, Batum said.If Jordan shows the typical sophomore leap and becomes more consistent this […]