Joe Thomas has an official day in his honor.

Cleveland announced that July 3, or 7/3, will be known as Joe Thomas Day. The 7/3 honors his No. 73 jersey, which he wore throughout his 11-year career with the Browns.

Thomas, 33, announced his retirement from the NFL on March 14. He took to Twitter to ask that the city make the holiday mandatory, so everyone can take the day off.

This should be an ‘all-Midwest’ holiday. Anywhere you; eat brats for special occasions, go to fish frys on Fridays, drink bloody Mary’s on Sundays, opening day is a holiday, and drink beer on anyday ending in Y.

Brown thought rookie Markelle Fultz was just OK after getting nearly all the backup minutes at point guard ahead of T.J. McConnell. Brown said he hasn’t decided if Fultz will be part of the postseason rotation.

That remains a little bit of a mystery to us, Brown said. And it should. He hasn’t played, as we all know, much NBA basketball.

The Mavericks ensured they will stay below Orlando and keep the fourth-worst record in the NBA. Only Atlanta, Memphis and Phoenix have poorer records.

You’re taught from a young age, the low man wins. Get your head lower than theirs. It’s like the nature of the game, DeCastro told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

I just can’t wait until the referees come into training camp like they do every year, and they show us the videos of what to do and not do in the rule changes. I just can’t wait to see it because I have no idea what they’re talking about. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

The new rule was approved unanimously by league owners in Orlando, Fla., last month in hopes of improving player safety, but for DeCastro and many other players who have been vocal about the change, it takes away from the contact that has always been a part of football.

We’re going to look like sumo wrestlers, DeCastro said. Put our bellies against each other.

They got a huge lift on Monday from Bledsoe, with help from Muhammad and Jason Terry off the bench. They helped push the Bucks on the 20-6 run over the final 5:27 of the third to build a 74-67 lead.

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