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Mike Glennon or Mitchell Trubisky? It’s Glennon over Trubisky, at least for now.

So all Sean McVay has to accomplish in his first season as an NFL head coach, at age 31, is to make Jared Goff a franchise QB, make the Rams relevant for something other than occupying L.A. and now, apparently, find a way to make Mike Martz happy. Anything else?

But is there a good option there at QB? At least the Bears can lean on RB Jordan Howard, who returns after an impressive rookie season with more than 1,300 yards rushing.

The first-year tandem of John Lynch at GM and Kyle Shanahan at coach needn’t be in any particular hurry, given their six-year contracts. This season is about making progress and putting as many pieces in place as possible for the presumptive arrival next offseason of a potential franchise QB, whether that’s Kirk Cousins or a prized rookie chosen in the NFL draft.

The Jaguars have an incredible mix of youth and veteran talent locked in long-term, with slot cornerback Aaron Colvin the best Jaguars defensive player scheduled to hit the market. This team is built for the long run.

Who will the Vikings keep at quarterback? Receiver Adam Thielen captured the catatonic mood in the Vikings locker room well, saying he couldn’t quite believe their season was over just like that. Stefon Diggs’ Minnesota Miracle was the end to their story, not the beginning of more to come.

“It’s extremely frustrating to get whooped like that. They whooped us,” Thielen said.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio reports that the league may fine Hill for taunting, even though he wasn’t flagged for the move, because he directed the gesture at an opponent.

If so, that could put the Titans in a favorable position to trade down.

That Denver nucleus, including Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway and the premier running back in football, Terrell Davis, fell to the upstart Jaguars, who wound up playing the Patriots the next week in the AFC Championship Game. New England, of course, was led by head coach Bill Parcells and “failed” head coach-turned-defensive assistant Bill Belichick.

Remember when the courtroom tussle between the NFL and the NFL Players Association over the Elliott suspension was the biggest off-field story in the sport?

Some players have expressed concern that the original message in quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s anthem protest, one that was about racial inequality in the U.S., has been lost amid Trump making the national debate about patriotism and the NFL owners responding by participating in shows of unity with players. Lockhart said that concern is “very much part of the conversation” that is ongoing between the league, owners and players. But that raises the question: Would a protest by players really remain a protest if it is league-sanctioned?

Bruce Arians, Arizona Cardinals: Arians announced his retirement from coaching in the wake of the Cardinals’ 8-8 season. Arians leaves the team with a 49-30-1 mark after a five-year run that included a pair of playoff appearances.

Jerry Reese, New York Giants: The Giants fired Reese alongside coach McAdoo on the same day. With just one postseason appearance over the past half-decade, Reese’s team-building prowess fell under increasing fire despite a playoff appearance in 2016. He exited with a 90-82 regular-season mark to go with an 8-2 playoff record and the two Lombardis.

Ted Thompson, Green Bay Packers: Thompson is transitioning from general manager and director of football operations to senior advisor to football operations, the team announced Tuesday. The executive has been with the Packers for a total of 21 years spread over two stints, from 1992-1999 and 2005-present. Eliot Wolf, the Packers’ director of football operations, is interviewing for the GM vacancy Thursday.

The person familiar with the owners’ and league’s deliberations said that New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who once clashed with the league office over the Deflategate scandal, has tried to broker peace behind the scenes in this case. In that way, Kraft could be trying to fill the void in reining in Jones left by the death of universally respected Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney and the diminished profile in leaguewide matters of influential Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson.

The short answer is that the bigs are interfering with each other because they don’t have enough space to work.

However, when Gobert has been healthy, Favors has produced similarly to his nightmare injured seasons of the past couple of years (9.5 PPG, 51.4 FG%, 5.4 RPG, 0.7 BPG in 20 games with Gobert). Why are the bigs in Utah having so much trouble on the whole, when last season, Gobert looked like a future MVP candidate and Favors has had such good results without Gobert?

But why? To answer that, let’s look at how their personnel has changed during the past year, especially on the perimeter.

The Vikings and Eagles are here because they have stockpiled depth through five straight drafts and made savvy free-agent forays to fill the remaining personnel holes. The Jaguars fall into that category, too, as they’re trying to upend Tom Brady and the Patriots’ dynasty with their own nasty D.

Outside of New England, having a top QB comes with the tendency to use it as a crutch and to get complacent with the rest of the roster. The Saints had been sitting on Brees for a while, and they finally reloaded the running game and defense to get him another strong playoff shot. As good as Ryan and Newton were in their MVP years, it took a push for upgraded defense to give them a return chance. Meanwhile, the Packers and Seahawks are in the midst of changing their approaches around Rodgers and Wilson.

Now, Brady and Gronkowski have two weeks in which to heal. Sporting a black bandage, Brady required “more than 10 stitches” after cutting the inside of his right hand near his thumb during practice Wednesday, ESPN’s Mike Reiss reported. In addition, he reportedly suffered a collateral ligament sprain in the thumb when he collided with running back Rex Burkhead.

“It was just a very fluke injury,” he said in a statement before kickoff. “It was something that’s happened a lot of times over the course of my career and there was a collision in practice and, you know, my hand suffered a bit of an injury, but hopefully I can go out there and still be really effective and we’ll see what I can do today.”

The NFL Players Association also has been involved in the deliberations.

The league seems to have focused its dealings on a potential agreement for NFL support of players’ activism on Jenkins’s group, perhaps in part because that group seems to have a clear idea about what it believes the next steps should be.

“We just stayed aggressive, attacked the rim a lot,” Wiggins said.

Blake Griffin had a triple-double with 32 points, 12 rebounds and a career-high 12 assists for the Clippers. But he had a technical and committed two big turnovers in the closing seconds.

“I can’t be the one to get a tech in the fourth quarter. I put us in a hole and sort of started the onslaught of techs in the last four minutes,” Griffin said. “We got good looks, a couple calls didn’t go our way. At the end of the day, it wasn’t the calls.”

“We appreciate Joe’s expertise and commitment to the NFL and the league’s communications department,” Goodell wrote. “Joe helped modernize our communications, social responsibility and government affairs teams and has provided valuable guidance to me and our senior management on a wide variety of issues.

“A national search is now underway for his replacement and Joe has agreed to stay on and help during the transition.”

Lockhart, 58, served as White House press secretary from 1998 to 2000 during the Clinton administration. He was hired by the NFL in 2016 after working with the league and Goodell through an affiliated communications firm.

“While I’ve marveled at what you all have done over the last two years, I realized that keeping up that 24 hour a day intensity was a challenge for me personally,” Lockhart wrote in a memo to the league’s communications, social responsibility and government affairs staffs. “For those of you who’ve met my three children, you know why I’m excited to focus more attention on providing them the best possible environment to grow and prosper.

To support their claim, Salzano and Rosenblum point to a specific incident that Elliott’s ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson was found to have told untruths about: that Elliott pulled her forcefully from a car on July 22, then asked her friend to vouch for it.

The NFL, however, did take that situation into account in its year-long investigation, said former New Jersey Attorney General Peter Harvey, who served as one of the four external advisers to Commissioner Roger Goodell and reviewed the 160-page investigation report.

Alonso is looking forward to his new F1 horsepower, and the plan to be that much stronger means no thought of skipping an F1 race to compete at Indianapolis in 2018.

“Hopefully the last three years will be forgotten very quickly,” Alonso said. “It’s a completely different game for us. We believe that we could be very, very competitive with a Renault power unit next year.

“All the preparations of the new car, it is looking much, much [more] promising than before. Our hopes for next year are very high. … Definitely the mood of the team is completely different.”

After getting 12 stitches put in his hand, Brady said he started stressing out over the situation.

The last thing any team wants to see during the preseason is one of their star players get hurt, but that’s exactly what happened to the Giants on Monday when Odell Beckham went down with an injury during the second quarter.

Beckham took a low hit from Cleveland’s Briean Boddy-Calhoun after hauling in an 18-yard catch.

I wasn’t sure, I really wasn’t, Brady said. Wednesday, it happened, and Wednesday night I definitely wasn’t sure, but it was just a crazy injury in practice. It didn’t look good there for a little bit, but fortunately, Thursday, I didn’t practice, I took some time off. Friday, did just a little bit and things kind of felt a lot better on Saturday and [Sunday] I was just able to kind of do what I needed to do.

It was pretty stressful. I was stressed out, Brady said. You drive home and you have all these stitches in this place. You’re driving home and I saw my wife [Gisele] and she said, ‘What happened?!’ and I said, ‘I know, it was just an accident in practice.’ She said, ‘What is going to happen?’ I said, ‘I don’t know. We’ll see how it goes.’

When the teams meet again in New England for the AFC Championship Game, we’ll get more of the same, albeit with less controversy. Both teams can score quickly and we’ll get points early and often as Brady and Ben elevate their games and we get a full-blown shootout. The Steelers end up with the ball last again this time around, though, and are able to kick a game-winning field goal to finally vault them past the Pats. Prediction: Steelers 31, Patriots 28

We don’t know how his hard-nosed and honest style of coaching will translate with today’s players, much like we don’t know how his work in the broadcast booth will impact his connection to the game. For everyone who worked with him in Oakland, the respect came in the preparation, which is something both Kingdon and Trestman both said he did better than anyone.

One thing is certain though — Gruden won’t have to send a message as a young coach trying to make his mark this time around. Everybody knows who he is.

There is something about the Bills that makes me want to believe.

It’s probably the improbable way they got into the playoffs in Week 17, coupled with the impossible way they managed to keep winning games. Their whole is much greater than the sum of their parts. And yet, without LeSean McCoy — or even a fully healthy Shady — the Bills are really going to struggle to score against the Jaguars. There is totally some kind of way in which the Bills drag this game into the muck, force Blake Bortles to throw the ball a lot and end up leading 13-10 (see above, same thing) in the third quarter, get the stadium panicked and steal a win. It just doesn’t feel in the cards without Shady at 100 percent.

Fichtner has spent the past 11 seasons under Mike Tomlin as wide receivers coach (2007-09) and the past eight years as quarterbacks coach, helping Ben Roethlisberger throw for 31,763 yards and 202 touchdowns during that span.

I want to thank Coach Tomlin and Art Rooney II for giving me this opportunity to be the offensive coordinator for this organization, Fichtner said. We have a tremendous roster, and it will be my charge to continue putting our offensive players in position to succeed and score points. We have the nucleus to be successful, and I am thrilled about the change to lead the offense as we have already started preparing for the 2018 season.

Garoppolo’s 1,542 passing yards was a franchise record for a player’s first five starts with the team. The 49ers actually looked like contenders, especially after a Week 16 win over the Jaguars in which Garoppolo went 21 of 30 for 242 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception against the NFL’s best defense.

When I challenged him with his first book to read, he read it and said it was good.Thirty years later, however, Theismann looks back at that fateful moment a surprisingly positive light.The Mariners doubled their lead on Smith’s grand slam the sixth inning against Morin.the needs to move to and concentrate on fishing and drinking beers Being a great forward or one of the Canadien’s most entertaining player’s does not qualify him as expert.One of the smoothie girls said to me, Oh, isn’t wonderful!

The Browns quarterback played a total of two drives in the game and went 6 of 8 for 25 yards with an interception.

Osweiler’s actually completed his first two passes for a total of 17 yards, but he went just 4 of 6 for eight yards after that. Besides the interception, the only other incompletion in the stat book came when Osweiler missed a wide open receiver.

He’s been in the NFL since I’ve been in seventh grade, so whatever he says is probably pretty accurate, Kizer said. Obviously, it’s still the same message that I continue to push. The more time you have, the more comfortable you become, the more confident you are throwing the ball, and he’s just seconding that statement.

Those interviews, according to Davis, occurred before Gruden signed his contract with Oakland, which should satisfy the rule.

But after the Gruden news conference, Davis said he had been pursuing Gruden ever since taking over the team in the wake of his father Al Davis’ death in 2011 and imagined Gruden, the Raiders coach from 1998 through 2001 before being traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and McKenzie running the football side of the franchise for him.

To be clear: These members of ownership, who bought into the team about a decade ago, do not have the authority to hire or fire anyone or to make any sort of management decisions. They are minority owners without a controlling interest; Florio lists Rob Citrone, Paul Evanson, Larry Paul, Stephen Paul, Bruce Rauner, Paul Sams, John Stallworth, Benjamin Statler, Scott Swank, David Tepper, Thomas Tull, Peter Varischetti, and Mike Wilkins as names involved.

This group is particularly incensed about the final 47 seconds of the Steelers’ loss after the Jaguars kicked a field goal to go up 10 points. The Steelers had the ball in the red zone but moved in a slow fashion, melted a ton of clock without any clear urgency and ended up throwing a meaningless touchdown (unless you bet the second half line of Steelers -7.5) with mere seconds remaining on the clock.

At that point, McCarron waited 26 minutes before he finally got another update from his agent.

During that time, McCarron had no idea if he’d be staying in Cincinnati or if he’d be getting shipped off to Cleveland.

I got another call from him right at 4 saying ‘From what I know, it’s a done deal. I’ll call you back in a minute and let you know, McCarron said.

Basically, at 4 p.m. ET on Oct. 31, McCarron thought he was headed to Cleveland, but then that all changed just three minutes later.

Although McCarron is currently stuck with the Bengals, there’s a chance he could become a free agent in February, but it’s a complicated situation. McCarron’s four-year rookie deal is set to to expire after the 2017 season, but there’s one small catch: No one seems sure if he’ll be a restricted free agent or an unrestricted free agent.

Generally speaking, any rookie selected in the second through seventh round of the draft will become an unrestricted free agent — and can sign with any team — after their four-year rookie deal expires. However, McCarron’s situation is slightly different.

On the next play, Newton got flagged for intentional grounding, a back-breaking mistake that cost Carolina 10 seconds on a runoff.

With no timeouts, the hurry-up was on. Newton moved the ball past midfield and close to scoring range, but the clock kept ticking down. A defensive penalty set them up at the 21, and Marshon Lattimore dropped a potential game-ending interception.

J.J. Watt, Greg Olsen and Benjamin Watson are finalists for the NFL’s Walter Payton Man of the Year award.

The recipient of the award that recognizes a player’s contribution in his community and to society in general will be revealed on Feb. 3 at NFL Honors, when The Associated Press announces its individual NFL awards.

But the Bills weren’t content to allow the Jaguars be the only team to march backward from scoring position. An offensive pass interference call and aborted Taylor run moved the team back to the 13-yard line. The drive came to a merciful end when Steven Hauschka kicked a 31-yard field goal to give his team a 3-0 advantage.