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Report: Police called to Donald Penn’s house in domestic violence investigation

Raiders offensive tackle Donald Penn has been named as a suspect in a domestic violence investigation.

Police were called to Penn’s home on Sunday evening, but when they arrived Penn had left, according to TMZ.

According to the report, Penn slapped his wife’s butt, poured a drink on her head and grabbed her by the wrist as the two had an argument.

The 35-year-old Penn started 14 games for the Raiders last year and has two years left on his contract after signing an extension with the Raiders last season.

Jaguars cut Brad Nortman

The Jaguars used a seventh-round pick on punter Logan Cooke Saturday in a move that signaled Brad Nortman‘s time in Jacksonville was coming to an end.

The team also replaced embattled coach Chuck Pagano with Frank Reich. But any success in Indy will come down to getting Luck healthy and on the field. Is it going to help having [Luck] back in the building?

Brady’s remarks provide a springboard to examine and forecast the multiple layers of his future and the team’s succession plans.

The exchange was chronicled in the Cardinals’ documentary, “Flight Plan,” which the team website teased Tuesday. Rosen and his parents and agent were on their way to the Cardinals’ Tempe facility Friday when Rosen received the text from Bradford.

“Sam just texted me. Bradford,” Rosen tells his agent, Ryan Williams.

Rosen read the text out loud.

“He said, ‘Josh, what’s up, man? Welcome to Arizona,’” Rosen reads. “‘Just wanted to let you know that I look forward to playing with you. I’ll be an open book, so if you ever need anything or have any questions, feel free to ask. Hope all is well.’”

Rosen texted back.

Texans sign entire draft class

The Texans have signed their entire draft class, Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reports.

If he’d said nothing at all, or if he’d simply issued a written statement, maybe he could get by without answering questions. By fielding questions without really answering them, Patricia has as a practical matter waved the green flag for the effort among reporters to secure the facts that Patricia has chosen not to provide during Thursday’s effort to “defend my honor and clear my name.”

Right, wrong, or otherwise, the incident that’s now older than Patricia was when it happened (or didn’t) has officially become a story, because Patricia chose to engage it. Which means that reporters will indeed be trying to resolved the unanswered questions — and that someone will surely try to get the alleged victim to tell her story.

Where it all goes from here remains to be seen. But with numerous outlets covering the story, chances are that updates will arrive during future news cycles, with the team and, more importantly, the league office monitoring the situation in order to ensure that the P.R. fallout doesn’t force action that the Lions clearly don’t want to take.

Made plays in college by escaping pressure, but could struggle outside the pocket against NFL-caliber athletes. Lacks velocity on some throws. Doesn’t have the arm talent to fit the ball into tight windows or make throws from difficult positions. Wasn’t asked to move off his first or second read often as part of a play-action-heavy scheme. Active feet in the pocket, but can overreact to pressure at times and move out of the best position.

Ryan McMahon (L), 4 percent, Colorado Rockies at Miami Marlins (RHP Jose Urena): McMahon seems to have settled in as the Rockies’ first baseman versus righties. He’s enduring a big park downgrade, but facing a pitcher struggling to take advantage of his pitcher-friendly home venue. Joining McMahon as options with the platoon edge are David Dahl and Tony Wolters.

Jason Kipnis (L), 28 percent, Cleveland Indians vs. Seattle Mariners (RHP Erasmo Ramirez): Why recommend a hitter batting an anemic .159? Streaks are not predictive; hitters can snap out at any time. Despite his struggles, Kipnis remains in the fantasy-friendly two-hole and he faces a right-hander very vulnerable to left-handed hitters.

Between the trio of top QBs, big busts and few flashes, there was this pro’s pro in the 2004 class. Fitzgerald has been a consistent, versatile fixture of the Cardinals’ passing game both through seasons of great veteran QB help (Kurt Warner, Carson Palmer) and some tough years with have-nots.